Terms and conditions



I.        Online Service


r2c4d.com online service is available at www.r2c4d.com ("Online Service" or "Service"). The Online Store is operated by IT SERWIS Sp. z o. o. with its office in Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000525424 ("Seller").

Contact details of the Seller: IT SERWIS Sp. z o.o., ul. Modlińska 310/312, 03-152 Warsaw, email address: biuro@it-serwis.pl , tel.: +48 22 510 13 70, fax: +48 22 510 13 71.

This document constitutes the rules and regulations of the Online Service and contains, among others, information concerning registration, placing orders, payment and delivery, content of licenses, as well as the right to cancel concluded agreements. The rules and regulations are available at www.r2c4d.com/Terms-and-conditions-cterms-eng-38.html

The Service offers software (hereinafter "Software"). The Seller is the sole holder of all the software rights and owns the copyrights to the software. Information concerning the software presented in the Online Service does not constitute a commercial offer, but rather an invitation to conclude an agreement.

II.        Registration

Use of the Online Service is possible only upon prior registration. During registration, you should enter the data in fields marked as "obligatory" and accept the content of the Rules and Regulations. Providing these details and accepting the Rules and Regulations is voluntary, however without doing that, you will not be able to use the Online Service. You should provide correct and valid details. If you provide incorrect, invalid or otherwise misleading information, you can be deprived the right to use the Online Service.

III.        Digital content delivery

In order to conclude a digital content delivery agreement via the Online Service (purchase of a particular software), you should choose the software and then proceed in accordance with the instructions given on the website. You select software by adding it to the virtual shopping cart.

You can modify your order or cancel it altogether, up to the time of payment. Due to the specific nature of the product, purchasing the software in digital form is possible only after advance payment.

Your order shall constitute a declaration of intent to conclude an agreement with the Seller. The Online Service, after receiving an order, shall confirm the list of items in the order by sending you an e-mail to the address provided. Upon receiving the confirmation email from the Seller, the agreement is concluded.

Purchased software is available for multiple downloads from the Service’s website after logging in, for the period of 60 days from the date of payment for given software.

IV.        Prices and methods of payment

a)      via PayPal; 

b)      via eService S.A. payment system, which allows credit card payments. If you select this option, the Online Service will have no access to your data (e.g.: credit card number, bank account number), but will be informed by eService S.A. that the payment has been made.

Product prices in the Online Service are given in USD or EUR or GBP (depending on your currency choice) and include VAT, customs duty and other elements of the price.

Payment shall be made within 5 days from the conclusion of the agreement.

V.          Consumer’s right to cancel the agreement

A Client, who is a consumer according to the art. 22[1] of the Civil Code, is granted the right to withdraw from the concluded agreement with the Online Service, without giving the cause.

The agreement is cancelled if you present a cancellation statement within 14 days after receiving your order. You need to send it to the following address: IT SERWIS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Modlińska 310/312, 03-152 Warszawa or to the following email address: biuro@it-serwis.pl . A cancellation form has been attached to these Rules and Regulations. You can cancel the agreement without using this form, it is sufficient to declare your will to cancel the agreement.

You do not have the right to cancel:

Please return products to the following address: IT SERWIS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Modlińska 310/312, 03-152 Warszawa. The products should be properly packed to ensure safe shipping. You shall bear the costs of packing and shipping.

The consignment information should include your bank account number, to which the refund of your payment should be made.

The right to cancel the agreement discussed in this point does not apply to clients who are entrepreneurs.

VI.        Product complaints

The Seller is obliged to provide defect-free products. The Seller is liable towards you, when the product sold has a physical or legal defect (warranty), where a physical defect is understood as an inconsistency of the delivered products with the agreement. You have the right to lodge a complaint within 2 years from the date of product delivery.

If you want your complaint to be considered by the Seller, you need to deliver the faulty product(s) to the Seller’s address together with a description of your complaint. In accordance with the rules stipulated in the Civil Code, you can demand a repair (if possible) or replacement of a product, price reduction or sales agreement cancellation.

The Seller within 14 days shall respond to your complaint and inform you about the further proceedings. If the complaint is upheld in your favour – the Seller will immediately replace the faulty product with a defect-free product or will cure the defect. This does not affect your rights to submit a statement on price reduction or agreement cancellation, in accordance with the provisions of law in force. If it is impossible to replace a product, to cure a defect or reduce the price, the Seller will immediately refund the payment in accordance with the provisions of law in force.

Products may be under manufacturer’s or distributor’s guarantee. Detailed terms and conditions of the guarantee and the period of validity thereof have been given on the warranty card provided by the guarantor.

VII.        Complaints

Clients can lodge complaints regarding functioning of the Online Service. You can send your complaint to the following address IT SERWIS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Modlińska 310/312, 03-152 Warszawa or to the following email address: biuro@it-serwis.pl. The Seller shall respond to the complaint within 14 days. You shall be informed of the decision taken in respect to the complaint electronically, and if you have lodged the complaint in writing, both electronically and in writing.

VIII.        Technical requirements

In order to be able to use the Online Service, you need to have a device with Internet access and use one of the following Internet browsers:

o     Firefox, version 21 or higher

o     Chrome, version 29 or higher

o     MS Internet Explorer, version 9 and higher

o     Opera, version 12 and higher

o     Safari, version 4 and higher


Use of the Online Service is connected with data transfer through public network, which creates many risks, associated in particular with malicious software, i.e. viruses, Trojan horses and bugs. In order to minimize such threat you should use up-to-date antivirus software and protect the logins and passwords for the Online Service. On its part, the Online Service implements necessary technical measures for the use of the Online Service to be safe; in particular it protects the clients’ data.

The Online Service, in accordance with legal requirements, reminds you that clients cannot use the Online Service to deliver and receive content prohibited by the law, e.g. pro-violence content, defaming and violating the legal rights of others, including any third party’s moral rights, or other rights.

Clients should not take any actions, which could interfere with the operations of the Online Service.

IX.        Privacy

The Seller controls the personal data provided by you during registration process or order placement. The personal data are provided by you voluntarily and will be processed by the Seller for the purpose of sales agreements implementation. They may also be provided to entities delivering products to the clients.

You have consented that:

o     personal data provided by you can be used for marketing and advertising purposes;

o     the Service can pass your email address to external companies (depending on country) for you to fill in a questionnaire and give an opinion on the transaction made in the Service.

Data processing shall take place on paper and in automated computer systems.

Providing personal data is always voluntary, however it is also necessary for proper implementation of sales agreements. If you refuse to provide personal data required in the Online Service form, it will not be possible to conclude a sales agreement. The data subject shall have the right to access and correct their data. Any data subject shall also have the right to demand that processing of their data in a manner inconsistent with applicable law must be stopped, as well as to withdraw their consent for processing personal data.

X.        Final provisions

Any and all potential disputes between the seller and a client who is an entrepreneur, shall be subjected to the courts with jurisdiction over the registered office of the Seller.

Provisions of the Polish law shall apply to matters not regulated herein.



(the form needs to be filled in and sent back only if you wish to cancel the agreement)

IT SERWIS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Modlińska 310/312, 03-152 Warsaw or to the following email address: biuro@it-serwis.pl

-   ______________________ (please fill in your details) hereby give notice that I cancel the agreement:_______________________

-    Address of consumer:_______________________

-    Date:_______________________